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Aaron Jabbour

has enjoyed a decades-long career as a geospatial analyst, geospatial team leader, geospatial supervisor, and geospatial information officer. Mr. Jabbour has worked for numerous public safeties, national defense, and national security-focused organizations in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Mr. Jabbour has performed a wide variety of geospatial analysis and operations, spanning the tactical, operational, and strategic level, and has won numerous awards for analytic tradecraft. Mr. Jabbour has traveled the world in search of the most perplexing puzzles and difficult geospatial challenges and strives to share those lessons learned with others. Mr. Jabbour has also lectured at geospatial conferences, instructed hundreds of students in various organizations, and will stop whatever he is doing to mentor an employee or listen inquisitively to anyone with experience. Mr. Jabbour has a passion for all things geospatial and finds it thrilling to “solve for where” and see the spark in others who do the same.

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